1st - 5th AUGUST 2014

Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre

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The Quest for the Pocket-Sized Python

Python's already a language of choice for developers on the web, in science, and on the desktop. In the meantime, the world of Mobile computing has exploded in the last couple of years, and developers targetting Android, iOS, and other Mobile platforms are writing their apps in Java, Objective-C, JavaScript... but definitely not Python.

But Python's a great language for solving the sort of problems that are posed in Mobile development time -- speedy development cycles, 20 years worth of libraries for solving many tasks that you throw at it, and a ready-made community to help developers. So why aren't we using Python?

This talk surveys the current landscape of Python on the major Mobile platforms, and ways you can start targeting Mobile platforms with your Python code. We'll look at considerations for Mobile web development, the state of Python-based mobile toolkits, and progress towards Python-coded native UIs.

Christopher Neugebauer

Christopher is a semi-professional nerd from Hobart, Tasmania. Whilst he's a Python guy by trade, he currently works full-time as an Android developer, which means his day job involves more Java than he'd like. He's a fan of building communities of developers: in that role, he's run developer miniconfs at Linux.conf.au since 2010, serves on the council of Linux Australia, and was co-chair of PyCon Australia 2012 and 2013.

Christopher is looking forward to returning to PyCon Australia without the stress of organising a conference. In his copious amounts of spare time, he likes speaking about open source development at Mobile conference, and Mobile development at open source conferences.