1st - 5th AUGUST 2014

Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre

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    August 1
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    August 2-3
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    August 4-5

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Lessons from a Study Group

Project: Udacity Programming 101

I started a study group to go through Udacity's Programming 101 course which is taught using Python. As a Ruby on Rails developer, I had plenty to learn, but most of my experience can be abstracted for running any programming study group. This is an overview of my experiences about what worked, what didn't, and if I'd do it again (spoiler alert: I've got one going already!). I learned a lot from it and want to share some of those lessons as well as encourage others to start something similar.

Lucy Bain

Lucy went to uni in the states. After graduating she moved across country to work in Silicon Valley, ending up at Avos Systems, Inc. where she learned a bit of Python before moving over to Ruby on Rails. She transferred to the New Zealand office for a few months, but quickly made the hop over to Sydney. Since then she's worked for Split It Pty, Ltd continuing to hone her Rails skills, as well as picking up MongoDB and working on learning some front end. She helps organise the local chapter of Rails Girls, is an active member of the Ruby on Rails Oceania group, and runs a study group for learning Python.