1st - 5th AUGUST 2014

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Bang the gong, the game is on: What can Python people learn from Ruby?

Project: Python vs Ruby

What has Ruby got that Python people could learn from? Turns out quite a lot.
Ruby's a bit of a cross between Python and Perl, and borrows heavily from them both.
What does Ruby do well that we can learn from, and also, what does Python do wonderfully? (Hint: a lot).
This presentation will give a quick overview of the major syntactic differences, an understanding of the (superior) object model (whose?), and a quick coverage of some of the Ruby standard library.
If you want a quick leg-up on Ruby vs Python, this quick tour will give that to you. And in doing so, will improve your appreciation for and understanding of Python.

Peter Lovett

Peter Lovett is a programmer, son of a programmer, and all three of his sons can program in Python. Being paid to program for over 0b100,000 years, he started with punched cards, but is open to more modern tools. He has worked with many languages, from Assembler and C to Perl, Ruby, Java and Python. He runs training courses through his company, Plus Plus Pty Ltd, in Australia and New Zealand, and can be found at www.plusplus.com.au