1st - 5th AUGUST 2014

Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre

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  • Mini-Conferences
    August 1
  • Presentations
    August 2-3
  • Sprints
    August 4-5


August 1st


Kenneth Reitz at PyCon Australia
  • When: 9am--5:30pm (registration opens 8am)
  • Where:Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre
  • What: The warm-up act -- three single-track conferences, going in-depth on key Python projects. Morning and afternoon tea are provided.

In 2014, before the main event kicks off, we're hosting three miniconferences:

DjangoCon AU is Australia's first national gathering for developers using the Django Web Framework. Presented by the Django Software Foundation, this mini-conference will feature a day of Django-specific talks and tutorials to support the growing community of Australian Django Developers. DjangoCon AU is presented by the Django Software Foundation.

The Python on OpenStack day is a day of in-depth talks and tutorials covering the OpenStack cloud platform – one of the most important growing Open Source Python projects – for Python developers. The OpenStack Miniconf is presented by HP.

For the first time, PyCon Australia is proud to host the Science and Data miniconf, with a focus on how Python can be best used in the science and research fields.

Saturday 2nd August and Sunday 3rd August

PyCon Australia 2014

Nick Hodge
  • When: 9am--5:40pm (registration opens at 8:00am Saturday)
  • Where:Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre
  • What: The main event. Morning and afternoon tea are provided.

The main event. Over two days, PyCon Australia will present over 40 sessions across three tracks on all aspects of the Python ecosystem. Drawing on presenters from all around Australia and further afield, this is where Australia's Python Community gathers to learn from those who know Python.

There'll also be an opportunity to share your knowledge at with those gathered at the conference. We'll have two sessions of lightning talks: one at the end of both Saturday and Sunday. Talks can go for either 3 or 5 minutes, and are a great opportunity to share cool projects, interesting hacks, and other useful things with the Python community.

Monday 4th August and Tuesday 5th August

PyCon Australia Sprints

  • When: 9am--11:59pm (stay for as long as you like)
  • Where:Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre
  • What: Open source development sprints. Morning and afternoon tea, and lots of coffee provided.

Help shape the future of Python! The sprints are a great opportunity to help contribute to projects that you use in your everyday Python work. Contribute fixes to bugs, plan and build new features, and start a lasting involvement with important Python projects.

For a project to run a sprint at PyCon Australia, a regular contributor to that project must be present at the sprints to act as a leader. We'll be putting out a formal call for sprint leaders in July, and will publish projects here as leaders sign on.

We are currently seeking sponsorship for the conference sprints. If your organisation is interested in making an active contribution to the development of open source software in Australia, see our sponsorship information page to get in contact with us.

Photo credit: Richard Jones, 2011, CC-BY.