1st - 5th AUGUST 2014

Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre

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  • Mini-Conferences
    August 1
  • Presentations
    August 2-3
  • Sprints
    August 4-5


This year we're trying something new, introductory workshops designed for beginners not attending the conference. It's an attempt by the Python community to reach out to the wider community. All of these workshops are being held at our venue partner, The Edge, part of the State Library of Queensland at South Brisbane.

  • DjangoGirls workshop (Monday 4th August, 9am-12pm)

    After this workshop, you'll have made your first programmable website

  • Introduction to Programming in Python (Friday 1st August, 10am-4pm)

    After this workshop, you'll understand the fundamentals of programming and will be able to solve simple programming problems, and know where to start on hard problems.

    We'll be working through exercises at http://opentechschool.github.io/python-beginners/en/index.html

  • Introduction to Electronics in Python (Friday 1st August, 10am-4pm)

    After this workshop, you'll have a basic understanding of Current, Voltage and Resistance. You'll have experience making sound, light and movement. You will get to use industry standard computing and electronic platforms and get to take them home for further experimentation.


The DjangoGirls workshop is fully booked out.

The Programming and Electronics workshop are open for registration.


All of our workshops could use more mentors, please consider signing up as a mentor.